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World Beach Month



The beach is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world. And the beauty of this natural treasure is that it exists almost everywhere around the world. But some of our beaches are becoming polluted and need our help.

World Beach Month is an annual global awareness celebration to remind everyone around the world the importance, beauty and enjoyment the beach brings. It is the time to host beach events, clean up your local beach, raise awareness for the laws needed to protect our beaches and the beach wildlife. Get out and play in the sand, go shelling, build a sandcastle, play in the surf and enjoy the beautiful treasure that is our beaches. The month starts off on September 1st with World Beach Day, a day to go to the beach with your family, your pet, or just enjoy the day on your own with the peace and tranquility the beach brings.


Beach Days to Celebrate during World Beach Month

World Beach Day

September 1st

Play in the Surf Day

September 5th

Build a Sandcastle Day

September 20th

World Beach Cleanup Day

3rd Saturday in September
September 16, 2023

Beach Therapy Day

September 25th

Go Shelling Day

September 30th

World Beach Month was started by founder and beach expert, Patti Jewel, to bring awareness and appreciation for the beaches around the world. September is the month to learn, protect, celebrate, and enjoy the worlds beaches.

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